THE 3 BUCKET JONES SHOP – the latest news

31st August is the one year anniversary of 3 Bucket Jones meeting as a writing team at a BASCA songwriting retreat!  It is the one year anniversary of the first track of the album ‘Goodbye to Forever’ to be written.

So here we are, a year later owning a  cyber song shop full of wares. At the moment, it feels a bit like the equivalent of a stall at the local farmers’ market, but it is open all hours. Yesterday Gitika sat in the shop all day eating ginger nuts and swigging Yorkshire tea, and the first and last customer did not arrive until 11pm! This was great,better than no customers at all, but Gitika may have to start a little sideline, like knitting cup cakes, or reading vintage telephone directories. Every faith that trade will pick up when people start spreading the word!shop

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