White Lines

Hallo people. So where have we been? It’s been a songwriting time for us both. Every week Andy and I individually write record and produce a song with the help of a word from https://www.iheartsongwritingclub.com which should be the weekly gym visit of any songwriter wishing to keep their songwriting muscles primed. Gitika is on week 151 and Andy is on week 80 that’s ( quick bit of maths in my head -actually not that quick) 231 songs in the last 3 years ( and that does not count the one we have written together and all the other great music we have been involved in as well )

Also love a bit of ‘reimagining’ and thought I would share this version of ‘White Lines’ by Grandmaster Flash which got some great comments when we shared it on http://syncsummit.com/cafearchives/( will be there soon- first one played when it is posted ) as part of a rap and hip hop cover challenge. Its a very short ( hurrah!) dark brooding ballad. The last album is still on Bandcamp. Now can anyone tell me a really memorable clean joke please?

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