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I’m Not Gonna Rock This Boat

Pretty grim round here due to Gitika losing her mum  and we are all very sad. Here is our new video that we did actually finish 2 months ago but been too raw to post. So now it’s  posted everywhere in the crazy social media flurry you have to do, so sorry if you have…

Five Years Today

Hallo  Beautiful People 5 years today our first album was released and we are still walking the freedom line. It is a cause for celebration. Thought you might like to hear the first mix of one of our newest batches of songs. It’s called “I Remember ( The Simple Things)”  Have a Lovely Day .

Single Sky

I am a proud bunny and my heart is full. Bob Karper filmed our very informal end of term sharing for our friends and family and The Bishopsgate Singers sung our self penned song and I am bursting with love. 3 Bucket JonesBishopsgate singerssingle sky