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A Real Celebrity

Tonight we are on Severn Fm.. On the Mystery Train.vA brilliant show overseen by Alex Huskisson – a track I should say between 10pm and midnight…Never might we be real celebrity like The Count..but just to be brushing shoulders in the super furry highway that is the internet firmament . Who knows. Some of his celebrity may rub off on us.count arthur strong

Have a sneek listen to one of the tracks from the new album starring the Tredegar Town Band

Count Arthur Strong and 3 Bucket Jones

Trombone+Girl+tst We are on Severn Fcount arthur strongM again tonight and C.A.S retweeted one of my tweets. countarthurstrongHere he is in Monnow Valley Recording studio with me – on my t-shirt- the legend that is Count Arthur Strong.
I hear he plays the trombone, so if the Tredegar Town Band need a deputy I shall see if he will oblige.  Imagine what that would do for our profile. I wonder if he would be in our next video…I shall ask…Probably will not have time, what with him being such a doyen of light entertainment and all. …if he is to busy I shall ask the lady with the lovely hat.

The Tredegar Town Band Come to Visit

About 2 weeks ago, we were listening to one of the tracks for the new album and Gitika wistfully remarked how she would love to hear a Brass band at the end. Well one thing lead to another and two weeks later an octet from the magnificent Tredegar Town Band arrived at Monnow valley and played on sections of 4 of the track for album number 2. Snippets of video of the band in the studio conducted by Gitika….when the album is released you will be able to name those tunes ! A really exciting session day.