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A Real Celebrity

Tonight we are on Severn Fm.. On the Mystery Train.vA brilliant show overseen by Alex Huskisson – a track I should say between 10pm and midnight…Never might we be real celebrity like The Count..but just to be brushing shoulders in the super furry highway that is the internet firmament . Who knows. Some of his celebrity may rub off on us.count arthur strong

Have a sneek listen to one of the tracks from the new album starring the Tredegar Town Band

Album Number 2 – ‘Love Called You Home’


So we went back to Monnow Valey Valley Studios for the last three days of March and wrote and recorded 4 new songs. One is a melancholic lullaby about letting go of a dying parent. The title was inspired by a Peggy Seeger song, Love Call Me Home, at the moment the working title for this song is ‘Love Called You Home’. Would love you to have a listen.