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Thank You for the Music

Just want to thank all the people who helped make the tour so special. Bruce Knapp of course on guitar, mandolin and dobro!!! To many people to thank but we can start with, the sound engineers, Fester Duncan and  the venue people, Ali Orbaum, Wendy Sergeant , Val Regan and Kirsty Martin for saying yes  – rallying singers to come and join us – Thank you to Fiona, Stacey, Caroline, Angie, Maureen in Sheffield, Dave Julia, Tom, Fran, Wendy Liz and Sian Jane Pearl, and Reuben Tourettes for supporting so beautifully  in Monmouth and Lesley for singing. The Bishopsgate Singers and Tubthumping Chorus and Gregory in London. The Sing for Water Scratch choir, Roaring Troman and Barley Rye Choir ( plus mum) in Bristol. Hullabaloo, Kate Su and Em in Brighton. Sean, Brendan, Allyn, Kerry and Matt from the Tredegar Town band for gigs in Monmouth and Bristol. Matt for helping Paul with Sound in Monmouth at the last minute and Bob Karper for filming in London Bristol and Monmouth. Sheena for squeezebox in London. Shula  and Elizabeth for camera holding. Siggy for helping with merchandise and travelling games in the  car in the middle of the night. Everyone who came to  watch and listen. All forgotten people will be added as the brain comes back after more sleep….
3BJ London Both Choirs 1IMG_8890IMG_8860

IMG_8808IMG_8883 IMG_9036 IMG_9350 IMG_93713BJ Bristol 3BJ + Choir 1IMG_9399 IMG_9433 3BJ Bristol Big Choir 1 - Version 2 3BJ Bristol Brass Band 1 - Version 23BJ Bristol Mum's Choir 1 - Version 23BJ London Both Choirs 13BJ Bristol Sea Shanty Choir 1 3BJ London Bish Choir 1 3BJ London Squeezebox 1 3BJ London Tubs Choir 1 - Version 2brighton gig

A Real Celebrity

Tonight we are on Severn Fm.. On the Mystery Train.vA brilliant show overseen by Alex Huskisson – a track I should say between 10pm and midnight…Never might we be real celebrity like The Count..but just to be brushing shoulders in the super furry highway that is the internet firmament . Who knows. Some of his celebrity may rub off on us.count arthur strong

Have a sneek listen to one of the tracks from the new album starring the Tredegar Town Band

3 Bucket Jones ..Live Radio Podcast

If you missed the live radio spot here is the link for the podcast. PODCAST LINK CLICK HERE

Andy and I really enjoyed the programme…squeezed into the small but perfectly formed Croydon Radio studio with DJ Jason Ross who was warm and relaxed. We played 6 songs, 4 from the album ( tracks 1, 2, 7 , 8 ) and two new tracks . Jason played the last track of the album. Bring it on Radio 6 and 2!IMG_2842 - Version 2