3 Bucket Jones Radio 6 and The Mystery Train Leaves the Station

2 AMAZING  things are happening tonight..Sunday Night/ Monday Morning 18th 19th March 2018

A new radio station begins TONIGHT  HERE IS THE LINK  champions of singer songwriters and great music, Alex Huskisson has played many of our tracks when the show was a Sunday night thing and now its a 24/7 radio show and is going to be  fantastic. Not only new music but legendary shows will be aired again….it starts at 10pm tonight…And we ..thats 3 Bucket Jones are having our first airplay on Radio 6 on the BBC INTRODUCING SHOW at 2am which is completely wonderful and all came about from replying to a tweet from Tom Robinson who is another champion . It is on a podcast with all the info HERE so you can listen later too. I am thrilled that the track that was chosen was strangely written and recorded in my cave/bedroom  in London and I mixed produced it all on my own…funny turn of events really.

3 Bucket Jones – Acapella

What is one of the most exciting and joined up thing that is happening is Gitika arranging 3 Bucket Songs for her choirs. This term The Bishopsgate Singers are trying Single Sky and The Tubthumpers are doing You will be Mine and 2 Steps Forward. Gitika is so stoked at the generosity of her singers and feels like her creative journey all working. Her tribe/singing-community linking with her own compositions she has written with Andy.The circle is complete!